Interculturale e Multidisciplinare Produttori Culturali


About us

Our commitment to social change is expressed by cultural activism. We research, create, and communicate about socio-ecological issues that affect communities and lifestyles in rural areas in South America and southern Europe. We have worked with communities that share memories and imbalances due to developmentalism, extractivism, depopulation, and climate crisis. 

In this sense, we have participated, managed, and co-produced cultural and educational projects –From arts and design– with a creative approach combining arts-based research practices, participatory process, and cultural intermediation. Establishing multidisciplinary collaborations among artistic and scientific practices, and cooperation networks between social, cultural, environmental and institutional agents.

Our background in arts, design, science, critical-theory, cultural management and mediation, is the foundation that shapes our practices and worldviews. Incentivizing social transformation through awareness and the development of new subjectivities, is key to our practices and we try for this through the intersection between creativeresearch, critical-theory, feminist-practices, social-ecology, and decolonialist theory. 

Our background has given us tools and experiences to delve into art’s potential as a transformative agent. We strive for projecting our social commitment through communities and territory, that are in close relationship with their environment and their population, which favors the processes of identification, participation, self-esteem, and social cohesion.

Co-diretor / Artistic Director

Francisco Navarrete Sitja (Chile, 1986).

Visual artist and researcher whose work specifically engages the relationship between representation, territory, nature and non-human materialities as manifested in multiple environments, from landscape to expectations in relation to identity. His work addresses the hegemonic narratives and perception of those collective territorial imaginaries and symbolic senses attributed to the materialities that articulate those imaginaries. His intention is to interrogate the historicity of different socio-political contexts and explore the instrumental relations that underlie there. He works by combining Practice-Based Collaborative Research with expressions of visual language, archives, legal documentation, graphics, video animation, soundscapes, and contemporary images through different strategies, forms, and media.

He holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Visual Arts (CL), and is a graduate of the Independent Studies Programme at MACBA (ES). He also belongs to the international network TSOEG Temporal School of Experimental Geography(UK). Navarrete has exhibited and worked, individually or collectively, in different socio-cultural contexts in South, Central, and North America, and South, Central, and Northern Europe, among other places.

Co-diretor / Project Manager

Andrés Galardo Cordero (Chile,1986).

Andrés Gallardo was born and raised in Santiago, Chile. He has studied Industrial Design at Universidad de Chile and holds a Master’s Degree in Research for Design and Innovation at Elisava, in Barcelona. Currently Andrés is working as a Executive Director at L’Aquila Reale Centro d’Arte e Natura di Civitella di Licenza, Rome, Italy. Prior 

He has executed task as Project Manager at Inèdit Innovació in Barcelona, where he became awere about climate change, fossil oil crisis, putting focus in people and empathy reaching out to Critical Design as path to anyalise the current state  and global crisis to obtain solutions based in reflexion about problems, patterns and insights. Taken the last sentences, that is why Andrés currently is part of the L'Aquila Reale team. He also is a speaker and facilitator in Eco Design, Industrial Design, as well as active Trend Researcher and Lean Start Up Facilitator. He teaches Trend Analysis and Design Research at Istituto Europeo di Design in Barcelona. Andrés has also been guest professor to at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, where he presented a course on trendwatching. In 2017, he published his first report about trends called “ Creative Spaces and New Collaborative Trends”. This project was financed by the Chilean government and sponsored by Istituto Europeo di Design.

Carolina Ciuti (Italy)

Art historian and curator. She holds a BA in History of Art from the University of Florence and a MA in Contemporary Art from Sotheby’s Institute of Art, London. Since June 2017 she is the artistic director of LOOP Barcelona, where she started working in 2015 as part of the curatorial team. Pior, she has worked as Assistant to the Director at the Villa Lena art residency in Italy, while collaborating in diverse curatorial projects with international artists. 

She has curated and edited the publications I Have A Friend Who Knows Someone Who Bought a Video Once(LOOP Barcelona, Mousse Publishing, 2016) and Before the name: a book on an intinerant performance project (RAM Editions, June 2018), and collaborated to the the editing process of Video Writings by Artists (1970 – 1990) (ed.Eugeni Bonet, LOOP Barcelona, Mousse Publishing, 2017). Since September 2015, she writes extensively for Instituto Italiano Edizioni ATLAS, an italian publishing house specialising in the education sector. In November 2017 she co-founded the art collective CRiB with the aim of developing hybrid projects between visual arts, performance and theatre.

Luz Muñoz Rebolledo (Chile) 

Curator, Researcher and Cultural Manager in chilean visual arts, holding a Master of Arts in Critical Curatorial Cyber medias from the University of Art and Design, Geneva, Switzerland (201-2014). Since 2014 she forms part of the PhD program Society and Culture and the research group focused on Art, Globalization and Interculturality, coordinated by Anna Maria Guasch from the University of Barcelona. Between 2011-2013 she participated at the Seminar Documenting Global Art, a programme initiated by the University of Barcelona and the Institut National d’Histoire de l’Art, INHA, France.

In 2008 she joined the project Documets of 20th Century Latin American and Latino Art at Digital Archive and Publications, in the ICAA International Center for Arts of Americas in The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, USA. Currently she is Curator and Programmer of Espai 10, where she coordinates Laboratories of contemporary art in Barcelona. Her research topics are: archives, Latin American art, memories, gender and contemporary social movements. Recently, she was a curator of the exhibition  “Estamos aquí sobre la tierra y bajo el cielo” in Centro Nacional de Arte Contemporáneo Cerrillo (2017, Chile), and “proyecto semillero” as an international curator invited to XIII Bienal de la Habana (2019), “La construcción de lo posible“.

Manuela Procopio (Italy)

Multi-disciplined, entrepreneurial-minded designer, consultant, trainer and facilitator with a background in Design for Innovation (ELISAVA), Digital Management (HYPER ISLAND) and Business Administration. My career has taken me all over the world in different positions and contexts. Currently, I help clients in Europe and South America by designing and supporting effective services and change-manage processes as co-founder of WE PUSH, a Service Design consultancy.

I am also a collaborator at PARTNOS, an Agile consultancy that helps companies and institutions to improve their operations, develop reliable products and services and assist them in organizational transformation. Additionally, I am the Managing Director of the Management & Design Strategies School at IED Barcelona - Escola Superior de Disseny, where I lead the department dedicated to the creation and management of the courses focused on using design as a strategic tool.

Amparo Prieto Monreal (Chile)

Artista visual e investigadora en prácticas territoriales. Doctoranda del programa Patrimonio, Sociedades y Espacios de Frontera, Universidad de Zaragoza (ES) y becaria CONICYT 2019-22 (CL). Máster en Métodos y Técnicas Avanzadas de Investigación Histórica, Artística y Geográfica. UNED, 2018 y Master en Diseño con especialidad en iluminación, Universidad de Salamanca (ES)
Licenciada en Artes, Universidad de Chile.  La investigación académica y artística desarrollada en la actualidad se remonta al periodo en que vivió en la ruralidad de Colbún, (Chile) a pocos kms de una mega-central hidroeléctrica que lleva el mismo nombre del pueblo. Desde ese enclave socio-ecológico surge el interés por explorar las interacciones energéticas, biológicas, sociales, existenciales, mentales y medioambientales en torno a infraestructuras energéticas instaladas en territorios rurales. A partir de las intersecciones y superposiciones que se dan en los diálogos naturaleza-cultura, plantea la vinculación entre transición energética, crisis de la representación y una posible transición epistemológica que sitúan su práctica dentro de una lógica contextual y una metodología pluralista e interdisciplinar, explorando estas relaciones en contextos rurales o semi rurales en Chile y España.

Francesca Zacchia (Italy)

(Roma, Italia, 1973). Licenciada en matematica, fisica y ciencias naturales en la Universidad de la Sapienza, Roma italia, se ha especializado en la flora y fauna de la región donde ha nacido y crecido. Francesca en Percile ha hecho rutas para el reconocimiento de especies y potenciar el turismo local e internacional.

Markel Cormenzana

Markel Cormenzana (Spain)

(Vittoria, España, 1986). Se define como diseñador de transición. Ha canalizado su actividad profesional hacia el diseño (producto, servicio, sistemas, experiencia de usuario...) y la innovación para afrontar problemas complejos y globales como los retos sociales, económicos y medioambientales a los que nos enfrentamos como civilización. Es profesor invitado en varias escuelas de diseño de Barcelona. En el ámbito académico y de la investigación, está involucrado en una exploración de la inteligencia encarnada y el lenguaje de las artes escénicas en el contexto del diseño, el futuro y los esfuerzos de creación de mundos.

Martina Larrate (Switzerland)

(Santiago de Chile, 1986). Diseñadora Industrial de la Universidad de Chile. Máster en Diseño Gráfico en Shillington College, Manchester, UK y diseñadora de joyas en Berufskolleg für Schmuck und Gerät, Pforzheim, Alemania. Comenzó a trabajar como diseñadora industrial a los 24 años, cuando decidio mudarse a Alemania a empendrer nuevos rumbos profesionales, para dedicarse el diseño y producción de joyas. Posteriormente y hasta la actualidad, Martina vive en Zurich, donde se ha especializado en diseño gráfico, convirriendose en su nueva pasión, trabajando para emprendedores y pequeñas marcas en Suiza.

Joan Vila i Boix (Spain). 

Licenciado en Historia del Arte y Máster en Gestión Cultural por la Universidad de Barcelona. En Febrero de 2015 comienza a comisariar exposiciones a la vez que col·labora en diferentes medios en castellano y catalán, como la revista Núvol y Revista Mirall. Participa en la segunda edición del curso On Mediation del 2014-2015. Hay que destacar las exposiciones Tedium Vitae (ADN Platform, Sant Cugat, de Mayo a Septiembre del 2015), Generaccions (Espai AnGra., invierno deel 2017) y Les formes de la llum (Sala parés, otoño del 2017).